Flexible Financial Options

The Summit at Brighton is Rochester’s first and only Life Care community, and the only independent senior living community to offer a variety of financial plans to choose from. In order to select the right financial arrangement, it is essential to understand the types of contracts and their benefits, and what they would mean for you.

Type A: Life Care

Independent living residents pay a one-time fee that that covers any future assisted living and long-term care needs, similar to buying long-term care insurance. However, unlike long-term care insurance, Life Care has no limits or maximums—the resident only pays the independent living rate no matter how long they live here, what level of care they need, or how much long-term care costs rise over time. Should the need for increased care arise, a resident can move to Wolk Manor assisted living or the Jewish Home of Rochester for long-term care whenever they need it, for as long as they need it, for life, at the independent living rate, offering huge savings and asset protection.

Who it’s good for: People who want to ensure that all of their health care needs will be covered at a reasonable rate for the remainder of their lifetime, therefore protecting their assets from the high costs of long-term care.

Type B: Modified Life Care

This contract provides a discounted rate in Wolk Manor assisted living and the Jewish Home of Rochester long-term care for a limited amount of time:

    • 60 days of assisted living at the independent living rate
    • 60 days of skilled nursing at the independent living rate
    • Market rate after the benefit is used

Who it’s good for: People who are able to pay for the costs of long-term care not covered through their contract, and those who do not expect their health care needs to change significantly over time.

Type C: Fee-for-Service

This is a “pay-as-you-go” contract, where residents requiring higher levels of care pay the full, market rate for that care, the same as if they had moved directly into assisted living or long-term care without having first been a resident of the community.

Who it’s good for: People who are willing to assume the full risk of long-term health care costs and those who already have long-term care insurance with benefits that escalate with the cost of living.

The Summit at Brighton is the only independent senior living community in Rochester that offers all three of these contracts, so residents can choose the plan that works best for them and enjoy today knowing they have planned for tomorrow.

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