• Here’s a comprehensive yet quick tool to help you and your family choose the right independent living community. What best describes your situation?

  • First, a few basics:

    What makes your parent or loved one happy today can help ensure a smooth transition to the right independent living community tomorrow. Take a few minutes to answer the following questions. Then we'll provide you with a snapshot of your parent or loved one that helps you better understand this person you care about... and the types of services and amenities likely to make them happy in the years ahead.

    What age is your parent or loved one?  
    Would your parent or loved one be moving as an individual or with a partner?  
    Does he or she live alone?  
    Does he or she own and maintain a home?  
    Does he or she currently drive?  
    Where would your parent or loved one be moving from?
    What is his or her attitude about this potential change?

  • Next, what makes them smile?

    A nice day for my parent or loved one might be:

    What type of vacations has he or she enjoyed most?

  • A few more specifics ...

    What type of help might your parent or loved one want to make daily life easier and more pleasant? (Choose all that apply.)

    What type of long-term care plan would fit your parent’s or loved one’s needs best?

    What’s most important to your parent or loved one in terms of family? (Choose all that apply.)

    What amenities do you think would be important? (Choose all that apply.)

    What do you think the biggest move-related adjustment will be?